Dot is a non-profit with a mission:

Eliminate harassment from the workplace.

Experiencing harassment? Supporting your teammates?

Draw a discreete dot in the palm of your hand.

Find your allies. Organize to change things.


Abusive boss. Bullying. Burnout. Sexual harassment. Every victim wants relief. But in most cases, simply asking is not within reach. The Dot movement was started so people can ask for help, and offer help, confidentially.

Victims draw a small dot in the palm of their hand.

Allies draw a small dot in the palm of their hand.

Allies help victims.

All it takes is a pen. And courage.

Press: Dot takes The Black Dot campaign to the workplace.


Dot Actions provides grants to outstanding projects that help make the workplace safe for everyone.

Dot Actions certifies employers that put the right programs in place to prevent all harassment and abuse.

Dot Actions is sponsored by generous partners:


Team Dot is based in Paris, France, and supporting victims and allies around the world.

We are a diverse group of young professionals who want to improve the workplace. Because it's not right to expect victims to solve this all by themselves.


Email for any enquiries (support, press, sponsorship, partnerships)